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Barebones design and build industrial style furniture using responsibly sourced and reclaimed materials.  Our ethos is to reduce the impact on people and the environment wherever possible.  

Whilst we aim to drive down the waste we create we will inevitably create an impact somewhere along the way.  With careful planning and the responsible use of materials, we strive to meet our target of producing as little waste as possible.

We use reclaimed materials to offset landfill.  When we use new materials, we buy from sources that promise to meet our sustainability policies.

We are a small business that aims to provide customers with something special, something unique and, very importantly, hope to achieve that special feeling that they've been involved in the process.  

We plan, think, act and do whatever we feel impacts least on those we work for, who we work with and the materials available to us.  It's never as perfect as we want it to be all of the time but, by taking a considered approach we do what we can.

Made to order
Made to last
Individual and unique
Sustainable materials

Bespoke products for your home and working space - inside and out!