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As a small and flexible business we aim to present customers with products and services they feel are personal to them
Barebones is a business that puts its customers at the heart of the process
Our customers' satisfaction is paramount to us, but we also care about a few other things too...
We make products that are from reclaimed materials whenever it is possible and use materials from sustainable and responsible sources.  We strive to make as little impact on the environment wherever we can.
We love our world and we'd like to do our bit to make sure future generations can enjoy it as much as we do.
We think a healthy life is supported by a healthy lifestyle.  We aim to use products and methods that are low impact on the people we work for, and work with.  
We encourage safe working practices and aim to eliminate risk to our working family wherever it is possible.
We operate a policy that encourages the recycling and reuse of any waste materials. Our aim is to eliminate waste wherever we can and avoid waste materials heading to landfill sites.
When we do generate waste we dispose of it using identified methods of best practice, using appropriate carriers and approved sites.

Made to order
Made to last
Individual and unique
Sustainable materials

Bespoke products for your home and working space - inside and out!