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All barebones items are made to order and the estimated time of arrival for delivery depends on the complexity of your design and material availability. 

As all our products are made to customer specification we  work with each item on an individual basis.  We discuss production and delivery on an individual basis with each customer independently.

If you have a lead time and delivery date that needs to be met we will endeavour to meet that date for you.  However, we may need to adjust our costs to meet this to increase capacity.  

We will pull out every stop we can find to make sure your barebones item meets your specification and arrive on time.

All barebone products are shipped as modular items with assembly instuctions.  Where wall fixings are necessary, such as a tall shelf system and/or wall mounted shelves we provide the fixings we feel would be necessary to secure the item.  If you are unsure about fixings please consult a local tradesperson for advice - remember walls contain utilities such as electrical cabling, gas and water pipework.  

Please take advice and check, we wouldn't want to compromise the enjoyment of your new barebones product.

Made to order
Made to last
Individual and unique
Sustainable materials

Bespoke products for your home and working space - inside and out!