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We design and build industrial style furniture for indoor and outdoor environments.  We work closely with our customers to ensure we meet the specification and tolerances required.

All our products are uniquely designed and constructed using a range of new and reclaimed materials - timber, metal and malleable pipework.   Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of the customer and, as we all know, everyone is different!  

Try this.  

You've seen something you feel would fit perfectly in your home, garden or workspace. You've looked on line and the physical environment to match what you want.  You find something, but it's too small, too large, too wide or too deep.  It doesn't match the colour you want, it doesn't have enough shelves.....the list goes on.  Here's where barebones comes in.  We love a challenge and solving a problem.  If we can do it - it's yours.

Industrial style shelving, floating lintel shelving and table tops made from reclaimed material.  Reconfigured materials to complement your environment.

We were recently asked to design and manufacture industrial style shelving for a client with a tight deadline.  We talked through the design and kept her up to speed on development throughout the process.  We arranged a day for delivery and fitted it to meet the deadline.  The result - a very happy customer and a very happy barebones team!

Made to order
Made to last
Individual and unique
Sustainable materials

Bespoke products for your home and working space - inside and out!